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A question that haunts all BDS students when they are about to graduate. This nightmare of a question is the sole reason that deprives us of sleep for many nights. Peer pressure, societal pressure, parental pressure, and innumerable opinions of scholars who hardly know the subject, pretty taxing to deal with. I faced similar scenarios and started digging into the subject to not let the situation get out of hand. Along the path toward this daunting quest, I learned that the answer to this question is neither easy nor difficult, but it’s “YOU”. Yes, the answer is you.

It’s you who has to decide what to do with your career and degree. But mind you, money and career are not the same. They are two very different subjects and DON'T try to blend them as it only worsens your confusion. It all starts with prioritising what you want, whether you want money or pursue a career in something that you love.

Here are some options that I have found on my “quest.”


The first option that hits every BDS graduate. I would say that you opt for this only if you are passionate about the subject, want to dig deeper into it, and have good patient exposure before you set your foot into the market. It demands your time, attention, and money. You need to clear NEET MDS (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test for Masters of Dental Surgery).

Discuss the finances with your guardian/parent/sponsor. If everything falls into place just go for it. It’ll be worth your time.


Not everyone needs to follow a single path. If you are confident about the knowledge gained in your bachelors and if you are ready to treat patients, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to become a young entrepreneur. It prepares you for the hardships of running your practice and since you’ve started young, you’ll have a lot more time on your hand to master your craft.

Here’s what IDA has to say about financial management:

Here are financial aids provided to dentists for setting up clinical practice


If at all you are considering moving or practicing dentistry abroad, do thorough research on the laws and qualifications for practicing in the country of your choice.

Here are few official sites for information/exams required for practicing dentistry in the following countries:









Since the pharma industry is booming in India, it provides a wide scope from people of medical background as their expertise is of utmost importance in pharmacovigilance. It is another new avenue that budding dentists can explore after their graduation. If you want to start earning young, this is for you. Here’s to give you guys a gist of what pharmacovigilance is


This is another emerging branch in the medical field. Many pharma companies are in search of medical content creators and pay is pretty attractive as well. If you are from a medical background, have good writing skills, creativity, want to work in a non-clinical setup, and earn well (on par with your engineering folks of course) as soon as you graduate, this is for you, just go for it, it’s worth your effort.


MBA in hospital administration and management, this is another branch that dentists are looking up to if they want to continue in the hospital management sector. Any national level management PG entrance exams like MAT (Management Aptitude Test), CAT (Common Admission Test) can be taken to get into MBA. Hospital management course in AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) approved colleges is more beneficial to dentists. It is a two-year course followed by mandatory internships in hospitals. There are wide career options in different sectors like:

● Health IT

● Public health

● Corporate health care

● Health finance

● Marketing


A dream for some and sour grapes for others, nonetheless, the selection process is not as cruel or tough as one describes. Mind you, don't jump into conclusions as all the opinions that you hear are mere “perspectives.” Government jobs that dentists can avail are:

● Army dental corps

● Civil services

● UPSC (Union public service commission)

● Any state government dental surgeon posts.

● CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme)

Joining Indian Railways as Dentist

As Teaching Faculty in State and Central Government College

Jobs in Central Government Institutes like AIIMS, Forensic Department and Agricultural Sector

Territorial Officer in the Indian Army

Research and Advisory Departments under Central Govt.

Joining the Indian Navy and Air Force as Contractual Dental Officer

Govt. Job Opportunities in Industries Manufacturing Oral Care Products

If at all you want to work as a dentist in a government set up, be thorough with your subject, keep a tab on the posts and notifications of government jobs available, attend mock tests and interviews, you can easily get the material online.

Here ends my quest. Many other options are available. You’ve not made a wrong choice by opting for dentistry. Get that out of your head first and then starts your growth. If u fail at one attempt, no problem, many unexplored avenues are waiting for your arrival.

The grass is always greener on the other side, this is general discontentment of man but never get disheartened as you are least aware of what’s waiting at the end of your journey.

As Robert Frost said

‘Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.’


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