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  • Dr. Vishnu Sreekumar

Birds of a feather, flock together.

From our childhood we have been told that the world is competitive and that only the “topper” gets all the success. Well, the world is indeed competitive but in our pursuit for individual success we’ve forgotten the joy of working together.

“Man is by nature a social animal” Aristotle

If a man who spent most of his time thinking alone says so, we better believe it. We work better as a team, our successes obtain a greater meaning when our colleagues succeed with us.

Did you know that there are around 3 lakh dentists in India, which is roughly 0.02 percentage of the population. This makes us dentists a rare commodity in spite of the usual “dentistry is saturated in India” statement. So if our small group of dental guardians are to provide quality care to 1.3 billion people, we need to communicate effectively and efficiently, not just with our patients but also with each other.

The most obvious and easiest way to do that is through the internet. Distance is not a factor when you are online and getting in touch with fellow dentists only takes a few clicks. Here are a few reasons why professional networks amongst dentists can be productive and rewarding:

  • Connecting with other dentists can help you learn new techniques and discover new methodologies: New techniques are discovered and new materials are released into the market everyday and staying up to date can be a daunting task. This is made easier if you have a go-to place for all the latest news from sources that you trust.

  • Share your work to get recognised and build your reputation: Your work is like your signature, it is unique and sharing it online can bring your content to a wider audience. It will also inspire others to improve and work on their skills. Everybody wins.

  • Help budding dentists find their paths: See one, Do one, Teach one, that’s how the medical profession has been passed on through the generations and it holds true to this day. There are lot of new dentists who are clueless about their future and people who have been through it before can give them hope and courage to find their footing.

  • Meet new people who have a unique insight into your life, as they are living it too: None can understand you better than someone who is going through the same experiences. You don’t have to be the odd one out anymore, always thinking about teeth. Connect with other dentists and you’ll find a whole lot of like-minded people.

  • It gives you a platform to voice your opinions, raise questions and bring about change: The ability to discuss various treatment modalities and receive expert opinion online can be a valuable asset for dentists practising in remote areas where specialists are often not available. It can be used as a platform to gather support and bring about much needed changes in the industry like standardised treatment costs and make dentistry more accessible.

  • Find exciting new job opportunities/ recruit motivated individuals for your projects: Group practices are on the rise and recruiting skilled professionals is an essential aspect of running a successful dental clinic. Being well connected on social media can help you reach out to potential employees or find new job opportunities. Volunteers for dental camps and other community services can also be found through the help of a well connected social network.

The list just keeps growing, but ultimately it is upto each of us to use the power of technology to create networks, learn new skills, and improve the overall quality of dental care.

“What do I get?”

This is the driving force behind today’s society. It’s about time we change that to,

“What can I give?”

We at Indent recognise the lack of a platform for Indian dentists to speak up and find their voice, so we are delighted to announce the launch of 'IndentConnect' India’s first ever Social Network for Dentists. We encourage all of you reading this article to check it out and maybe you can find your flock. Click here to sign up.

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