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Digital Marketing for The Dental Practice

“Modern problems require modern solutions”

In these desperate times, it becomes essential to find an alternative to market the dental practice, to continue the practice and be available for patients in times of need. Since clinics are open only for emergencies, one can take advantage of technology to advertise from home. It is difficult, especially for budding dentists to market themselves in traditional ways during these tough times. Here are a few tactics you can use to boost the online presence of your practice.

1) Online Display Marketing Strategies & Tactics

  • Sign up with Google My Business.

  • Maintain a website if possible.

  • Take advantage of geo targeting, which enables patients to see your presence in their location.

2)Social Media Content

Make sure you are available on different social media platforms. (facebook, twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, Google My Business, Snapchat to name a few)

  • Don't post irrelevant content. Patients will ignore and even unfollow.

  • Don't use photos that are grainy and blurry. What you post is a reflection on your practice. Remember this is your brand. Keep it classy!

  • Don't repeat the same photos with the same signs with different patients. While it may seem cute, redundant images cause patients to tune you out.

  • Don't post pics of empty chairs.

3)Paid Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook Ad Manager can get your practice and your brand message out to the members of your community.

  • It's also affordable, and the ads range across several social platforms.

4)Market Your Elective Procedures

  • Many patients are looking for more than general dentistry.

  • Elective procedures make for great content on social media.

  • The cosmetic industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds, establish yourself as an expert in cosmetic dentistry.

  • It ensures that your patients are aware of your elective offerings.

5) Create A Blog

  • Blogs offer an exceptional boost to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation helps you stay on top of search lists in google. Search engines LOVE fresh content)

  • Blogs develop and strengthen relationships with new and existing patients

  • Blogs establish you as an expert in your field

  • Blogs connect consumers to your brand and practice

  • Blogs create opportunities for sharing.

6) Teledentistry

A great way to make yourself available to your patients from home. It helps you deliver primary care, appointment scheduling and determine if the case is emergency or not with reduced direct contact, which prevents spread of COVID-19. It generates revenue as well.

For more information about teledentistry click here

Click here to register with Teledent.

There will come a day when life turns back to normalcy and patients will need you. For that day, you need to maintain brand presence, ensure new patient pipeline is full, and generate elective revenue. The use of clinic management software helps in remarketing with existing patient data. Display your forte with a little creativity and catch up with the latest tech trends in digital marketing of the dental practice. You’re all set for practice 2.0!

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