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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

People come across various dental problems in their day to day lives. Some out of these elicit excruciating pain, which might be of a gnawing or a sharpshooting nature requiring immediate remedy and can be considered an emergency situation. According to surveys, the commonly encountered dental emergencies are:


2. Knocked Out Tooth

3. Damaged or cracked tooth

Most of the people not being aware about the correct ways to manage these emergencies, panic when in such situations. Moreover, patients usually come up with a myriad of misconceptions which are not only futile but might also worsen the condition.

Starting with Toothache, it can be safely assumed that this situation is experienced by everyone at-least once in their lifetime. This draconian symptom can be easily tackled by just handful of steps and tricks:

• RINSE your mouth with warm water.

• REMOVE the debris stuck between the teeth with floss.

• Do NOT use any SHARP object to remove the debris.

• Apply COLD COMPRESS over the area to reduce the swelling (externally).

• In case of UNBEARABLE PAIN, over the counter analgesics can be used for relief.

• Fix an appointment with the DENTIST.

As speed and accidents go hand in hand and with the increased pace of life, tooth avulsion has become a major problem. However, the tooth can be saved, planted back again, rejuvenating the same by taking care of a few things and following the correct steps as listed below:

• Try to put the knocked tooth BACK in the SOCKET.

• If not possible to place the tooth back in socket, Hold it with the CROWN (top part) and place it in MILK or coconut water. (Do not remove the tooth from the medium until the Dentist does)

• If both are not available place it between CHEEKS and GUMS or water. (Do not remove the tooth from the medium until the Dentist does)

• Go to the DENTIST immediately.

Cracked tooth can be noticed in all age groups either due to consumption of hard substances or accidents. The reason for it being common in all age groups is with increased age, enamel (outer covering) starts wearing off and increases the chances of cracks and fracture, similarly on the other side enamel is brittle in children which leads to easy breakage of the tooth. Steps listed below can be of great help if followed:

• RINSE with warm water.

• Apply COLD COMPRESS to reduce swelling (externally).

• Take any PAIN RELIEVERS if necessary.

• Take the cracked piece and keep it in a WET GUAZE.

• AVOID chewing HARD substances from the damaged area.

• Try to keep the affected area clean.

• Visit your DENTIST immediately.

Following all these measures one should contact the dentist immediately for further treatment as teeth being a paramount part of life, should be saved in any possible condition.

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